Bridal White Analysis + Color Analysis

You are planning your wedding, a day you have been excited for and want to remember.  Let our experts help you look and feel beautiful in the right color with makeup that highlights your best features.  We want to help you create beautifully colorful memories.

image of bridal analysis

Your appointment will include both a bridal white analysis and your 16-Step Directional Color Passport.  With this color intelligence you will look and feel your best knowing you are wearing colors that flatter your skin tone.

Following your color analysis we apply Colore Me Perfect mineral cosmetics in your perfect palette.  Our makeup artists teach you techniques that will enhance your natural features.  You will also receive:

  • Our recommended color palettes reflecting the best shade of white for your wedding gown based on our patented color analysis.
  • Your directional color passport showing the color palette that harmonizes best with your skin.

Time allowed: 90-minutes


To find the nearest Colore Me Perfect color expert for your bridal white selection, please fill out the contact form below and a team member will get back to you.