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The Science of Skin. The Art of Color.

About Us


For years, Jaclyn Peresetsky and her team heard the same client frustrations - "I can never find the right shade of foundation! What are the right makeup shades and colors to compliment my complexion so I look natural and refreshed?"

The Colore Me Perfect mineral makeup line was developed in Skin Perfect Spas over a 10-year span of studying the complexity of skin tones and their unique relation to different colors. Jaclyn, a master esthetician and color expert, began applying these color principles to recommend what makeup shades, clothing, hair and accessory colors to choose. The demand for her color advice grew, and so did her color team. Five years into her endeavor, Ashlee Barnum, a master esthetician and makeup artist, joined the CMP team to perfect the palettes and color system so it could easily be adaptable to every client’s lifestyle and meet the client’s unique skin needs. She now focuses on product development and manages CMP certified spa accounts.

The valuable feedback from Skin Perfect clients enabled Jaclyn and Ashlee to continually perfect the makeup formulas, thereby creating a method of application that allows the makeup to sit on the skin like a net. This allows the skin to breathe, blurs skin imperfections and eliminates the mask-like look that so many clients try to avoid. Colore Me Perfect focuses on identifying a woman’s undertone, then complimenting her unique skin tone with highly pigmented colors using exclusive HVC technology. This HVC technology is the unique synergy between the three characteristics of color -- hue, value (lightness) and chroma (color purity) -- and how it relates to the three characteristics of skin (melanin, hemoglobin, and carotene). The result is a flawless color application that makes makeup look like it is your skin, not makeup.

Over the last decade, our passion, research and development created a color system that translates the complexity of color into simple, effective beauty strategies designed for your complexion. It will allow you to use color in your life to accentuate what makes you uniquely beautiful.

Colore Me Perfect cosmetics make color simple.